"Unsupported Brave" Lockdown is B.S.!

I was working on my Brave. Unfortunately it had a memory leak and would work for a few days and crash, then I’d restart and resume as per usual.

This time after a crash, I was forced to download and install a new Brave, AND not allowed to use my old Brave! The new Brave might be nice but ALL MY WORK IS GONE, without warning, inaccessible!

At least I can see the links in my pinned history - but MY SESSION IS GONE !!!

I NEEEEEED to unlock this totalitarianism bullshit and restore and finish my session and manually copypasta transfer over my tabs and bookmarks and passwords - as obviously it didn’t do it automatically.

I didn’t just type this out of frustration and anger, but also because this shit must be avoided at all costs in the future and needs to be addressed asap for future updates and releases. We demand reliable session management!!! (And vertical tabs!)

Nothing less than a solution is acceptable.

Advice please? I NEED to get into my former session! And it seems like that “unsupported” header locking me out from using the old Brave is the problem. I demand an opt-out of this totalitarianism!

~ Jason

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Hi Jason,

Let me confirm a few things here.

You downloaded and installed the latest version of Brave, but can’t open the older one still installed? Did you uninstall the older version?

There’s no way to restore an old session in the sense you’re asking for; you can restore your bookmarks, wallet, settings, and saved passwords/autofill, but that’s it. These help articles can walk you through the process:



Brave DOES suck worse than I thought.

We have an entire Help Center article explaining the whole process and the decision making behind it:

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