Unpaid Brave Rewards and Blocked Ads

As you can see in the picture, I collected about 30 BAT in February and connected to a verified Uphold account, but no available rewards appear in the summary panel. Can you tell me why?

Among other things, I can’t even collect more BAT tokens because the ads no longer appear. Can anyone help me? Thank you!

First how many months did you earn those bats? Your answer would really matter.

Exact same issue here. Earned around 20 BAT last month. Not only did I not get a payout, but the ticker for my BAT is frozen since Feb. 6th regardless of ads viewed. I’ve messaged steeven at Brave support, but haven’t gotten answer other than “payouts are still processing.” But they’re done processing now. All I can do is wait.

I start earning on 8th February.

Daru but you have Brave rewards in the panel on the right? I dont have anything, is this the strange thing…

I had a payout that went through in February for BAT collected in January. So I have a few collected in the Brave Rewards panel. But nothing was payed out this month for ads viewed in February. Hope you get it cleared up. I just sent my wallet info to steeven, so it sounds like they are working on it.

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