Undeletable cookies

The issue is this- Brave gives Google and FireApp (another Google property) the right to use cookies in Brave and this cannot be changed by the end user.

  1. Is there some way to delete the right to use cookies I am not aware of that is sanctioned and supported by Brave, i.e. is the official way?

  2. I use Brave explicitly to exit the Google-sphere. What effect could this have for sites which coordinate with Google in some way which is invisible to me, the user?

Some questions which are not technical but help me evaluate the appropriateness of Brave for some things I do:

  1. Has Google made this a necessary part of Chrome through some technical means ?

  2. Is this a side agreement between Google and Brave for some reason, for instance, is it a concession to allow Brave developers access to technical information they otherwise would not have access to from Google ?

Hi everyone.

I found this issue is already discussed here-

It is still not clear to me how this impacts my privacy wrt to Google or other Google-coordinating tracking sites. If someone could address that issue specifically I think it would help people like me who don’t get the deep technical side of things.

Thx! I was starting to get suspicious that something was going on.

I don’t have these cookies, so maybe a bug.

If you are still having issues se the post below.

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