Unable to withdraw payments anymore

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I am unable to withdraw my bats from my brave wallet to uphold account even when my uphold account is verified .This is faced by me in both brave on windows and brave mobile android browser. I tried to contact you over many times but no one even replied for a single time. I have nearly 20 bats in my brave pc and nearly had 27 in my brave mobile but don’t know how after updating brave mobile they just reduced to 18 . I my tried of asking for support over and over again @steeven I even told you but no one literally no one even replied a single time . The problem I am facing are nearly from 3 months but you even don’t seem to care
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Hi @sonirk,
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@Aa-ron I think once my brave browser on previous version was suddenly crashed and when I restarted it . My 15 bats at that time were gone and I started from 0 and once again I don’t want to loose anything So I backup key and then again I think it crashed . I checked my brave://rewards-internals and I think the wallet brave and those in which earning are deposited may be different my uphold account is registered with different email id. I can send you the screenshots of brave://rewards-internals if you want sir here in this post.

I see different wallet ids in dashboard in in my brave internal help me please

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