Unable to withdraw from wallet to uphold, no ads

Hi, I am unable to withdraw my funds from the browser to my wallet. Please find attached the screenshot herewith for your reference. My wallet is verified since before, I click on verify wallet but it still does not get verified for some reason.

Some time ago I had a notification stating that max devices are connected. I use my PC and my phone, where can I check how many devices I am connected to with brave? And how can I remove the ones I don’t use any longer? I am connected to uphold but still, I have no means of withdrawing funds to my uphold wallet or card at all. Please advise.

As you can see I have ~31 BAT on the browser, my uphold wallet is not synced with the browser for some reason and my payments are usually stuck on the browser.

Secondly, I would like to bring to your notice that I have not been receiving the expected number of ads per day (none at all, to be honest, I have no pop-ups or anything) while my friend receives much more than usual. Her average payouts for the month is about ~$1.90 or so per month, while I receive barely ~$0.80 - $0.90 per month after using my browser for more than 12-14 hours per day. What is wrong with my browser and why are my ads being received so low? Please let me know a fix.

Please find attached the required information regarding my browser for diagnostics/troubleshooting

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