Unable to verify my Adobe Portfolio

I’m unable to locate to the website root directory for my website.
My site is built on Adobe’s Portfolio platform.
Adobe’s Portfolio is similar to Squarespace.

After looking through all the tabs and settings, I couldn’t find this info.
Does anyone know if Adobe hides this intentionally?
I had a friend who is a graphic designer and website builder also run into the same problem.

Also, do my social media pages qualify for verification?

@Sadtographer I’m not familiar with Adobe Portfolio.

Did you have your own domain.com? If you have your own TLD, then you can try DNS Record method.

Current supported platforms is YouTube, Twitch and yourowndomain.com website/blog. Other platforms support is coming.

I’m not very knowledgeable about these sort of things. Haha. I thought linking them with the urls and some other account info would be sufficient. Is there a link with step-by-step intructions for the DNS method?

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