Help me for website verification


I’m trying to get my (Wordpress) site verified to no avail. Per instruction in the /r/BATProject Subreddit, I have manually created a .well-known subdirectory in the root folder, and uploaded the verification file there.
Please help me @Asad

@mariobros can you try the DNS record method? It’s easier IMHO and should works well.

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DNS doesn’t work I just did it

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Dns on altervista disabled. :disappointed_relieved:

Probably a permissions error with your hosting. Try DNS verification :slight_smile:

I’ve the some problem with my site hosted on , DNS doesn’t work . Any one has resolved ?

No, unsolved problem.

@ilBigo @mariobros AFAIK, you cannot verify your blog which is hosted on a subdomain of a blogging platform such as altervista, blogger/blogspot, etc because you have no direct access to the root directory or the DNS records.

There is of course a workaround for this but would cost you some $$. You can buy a custom domain for your blog. In this way you have full authority/access to modify the DNS records of your very own domain.

There are many domain registrars that offers cheap domain registration for different domain extensions. If you’re serious in blogging, I recommend going for a TLD extension such as .com, .net, and .org.

I am very hopeful tho that in the future Brave Rewards would offer a Javascript alternative for verification on blogs hosted on free subdomain of publishing/blogging platforms.


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