Cannot verify channel

Hello guys,

My website was verified with another email tied to another uphold account that I simply lost access to. Whatever I figured, I’ll start anew.

So I made a new everything and now I’m trying to verify my website again, but I can’t.
I’ve uploaded the file, like last time, replacing the old one - I triple checked it was replaced properly. Nothing.

I said alright, I’ll do the DNS. I did that, still nothing. It just doesn’t work.

So I figured I’ll verify ANOTHER website just to test this is working, so I did - and it worked instantly. This other website was a WordPress but I understand the plugin just creates the file in the same .well-known folder so it shouldn’t be different. What’s going on?

The website that I cannot verify:
I deleted it and re-added it and re-did the whole thing twice, still no joy.

I’ve removed the DNS zone for now because that’s a separate bug:
If you use it, you can’t go back to selecting the trusted file as that damn ‘We couldn’t verify your channel’ popup keeps appearing no matter what you do, whether you’re trying to verify with a file or not.

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