Unable to Unblock a Blocked Element

I accidently blocked an element on the pool.me website and I can’t get it back.

The image should look like the following (Taken from Chrome Browser).

But in Brave Browser I blocked the image and it now looks like this.


I found multiple posts saying to go to brave://adblock/. I did that, there was on pool.me entry in Custom Filters, which I deleted, but I still cannot see the element. Some people also mentioned on the affected page to * Right-click > Brave > Clear CSS rules for this site but I do not have that option. I also saw some mention of creating a new profile, however if I do that will I lose the brave rewards I accumulated this month and will I also lose a connection to Uphold/Gemini?

I’m running Windows 11 and Brave Version 1.37.116 Chromium: 100.0.4896.127

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried clearing history/cache, exiting the browser, and reopening? Just curious if this might solve the problem. That seems to be standard practice if something appears not to be working as intended and I think clearing adblock custom filters should have worked!

Edit: There are “Reload” and “Reload Frame” options on my Block element menu (right click on page or element). Did you try those?

Edit: There is a “CSS Overview” with “Changes” when you “Inspect” (DevTools?) the page that has a “Revert all changes to current file” option. I wonder if you have any changes there. I don’t know anything about using this, so no help there.

Is the pool.me domain correct? It is an empty parked domain.

I did clear history and cache, exited, rebooted but no luck. I also found the “Reload” option when I right-click on an element but it does do anything. I believe I also found the CSS Overview but either I’m not using it properly or I it not going anything.

Thank you for your help.

Any blocked items will be in brave://adblock unless its blocked via an extension? Which site is it? pool.me seems dead

Sorry, pool.pm, not pool.me

Again wrong domain…


Looking at https://pool.pm/asset1pmmzqf2akudknt05ealtvcvsy7n6wnc9dd03mf

I blocked the element, and shows in custom filters; removing this element (and then refresh the page)

There was a pool.pm entry in Custom Filters that I already removed. It looks like this now

But I still cannot see the element.

It was my firewall blocking the connection. My bad… :sweat_smile:

Yeah, whatever you say.

Check my reply, we made our respective comments at the same time. I took back my first statement.

Sorry, I didn’t see your edit. It’s just very frustrating. Everything that worked for others does not seem to work now.

When I go to Inspection I can see the element but I just can’t unblock it


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