How do I unblock items on a website that I previously blocked?

When I googled this question, I was instructed to right click while on the website, select Brave, then select Clear CSS Rules from this site. The problem is, this doesn’t work at all, even after restarting the browser.

Did you check if there was a related entry on the bottom of this page? brave://adblock/

Are you using a secondary ad blocker for first party ads?

I’m not sure what I’m looking for on brave://adblock/, seems like I’m just in the Brave Community page. I also use UBlock Origin.

Maybe you filtered something out in uBlock then. Right-click it’s icon, then choose options. On that page, go to the “My filters” tab. If you see an entry for the website that had things blocked, remove those entries(each full line). When done Apply changes and try the site again.

Never mind, I uninstalled it.

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