Unable to sign into Nest app

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Description of the issue:

I have Brave installed on my Android Pixel 7a and when it is the default browser I’m unable to sign into the Nest App. If I make chrome the default driver I can sign in.

How can this issue be reproduced?

See above

Expected result:

I shouldn’t have to switch to chrome.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

Pixel 7a: build TQ3A.230805.001

Android: v13 security updates 8/5/2023

Additional Information:

I have multiple accounts on the phone

One is a Google workspace domain, [email protected] the other is [email protected]. The Gmail account is used to login to the Nest account.

When signing into the Nest app I use “Sign in with Google” which uses the default browser as the login vehicle

I also turned off Brave Shield for google.com and that did not help. I’m able to consistently reproduce the it s by signing out of the nest app and using brave as the default browser. Luckily, so far at least, the nest app works fine with brave as the default browser after logging into nest.

I’m a programmer so if necessary I should be able to help debug the problem.

@winksaville Hoping you can test something for me. Can you go to settingsBrave Shields & Privacy → scroll down about a little past halfway to the area labeled Other privacy settings and you’ll see a toggle switch on Allow app links to open in apps outside of Brave.

I’m guessing your toggle is off and what may be happening is that with the toggle to off, it’s keeping everything it does internally. Meaning it doesn’t relay the sign in or other data to the Nest App. But if you turn that toggle on to allow it to open links outside of Brave, it would work.

I could be way off in my assumptions here, but that’s why I am asking for you to test that for me.

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