Google sign-in (Couldn't sign you in)

Cant sign in to google on brave…it says
This browser or app may not be secure.
“try using a different browser.If you’re already using a supported browser,you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in”
Please help resolve this.

Brave version:1.16.74

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Hi @abhin,
Thanks for letting us know. What exactly are you trying to log into using google? i.e. are you logging into a google service such as gmail or another app using google auth?

Also, are you using a private window or normal window? cant sign in here.
From here you can access various google services and for gmail sign in also one is redirected to this url only I guess.Here after entering the mail id I get the error I mentioned in the post.

This happens when forcing desktop mode in android.I just tried to login by disabling desktop mode and was able to login.But we should be able to login while in desktop mode also…

Hi @abhin,
Apologies for the late reply. Very odd, thank you for reporting. I’ll make a note of it and look out for others experiencing this same issue.

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