Unable to receive crypto funds to my Brave wallet

I added Etherum to my wallet using Moonpay services. They said they have sent it off, below is their email to me.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for providing us with the email and order ID.

Your transaction has been completed and we have verified this on the blockchain. If you do not see the crypto in your wallet app, please contact their support team using the chat on their support website.

Please provide the Wallet support team with your Wallet Address and transaction hash:https://etherscan.io/tx/0x43501749b9eda1cc46fbd384da5658fca9880de262836e596a29c7877a12213f

Please note that unfortunately this is an issue on the Wallet side, as we have delivered the crypto to the address you entered at the time of purchase.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!
Best regards,

Customer Operations Team Leader

the hash shows 0.0181 eth sent to 0x86Ab28e74bda677fAB2CBa2597B4D7191B7D9a05 over four days ago. if that is indeed your brave wallet address it should be showing up.

From the explorer funds are arrived, the fact that Brave wallet doesn’t show is only an inconvenience.

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Hello Hubert

Now I can see that I have different options to choose from and the money is there.

Thanks for the support!



T, 11. oktoober 2022 16:12 Hubert Newell via Brave Community <notifications@brave.discoursemail.com> kirjutas:

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same is happening to me with spl kin token… how did u get the balance to show up?

I don’t use the built-in wallet, but regardless of the one you choose, you can always check your tokens in the different chains explorers.


Thanks for the update :relaxed:

Best wishes


E, 12. detsember 2022 17:31 Hubert Newell via Brave Community <notifications@brave.discoursemail.com> kirjutas:

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