Unable to open package installer to install downloads

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Description of the issue:

Package installer fails to come up after clicking on completed download from Browsers Download directory

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. By downloading outside app stores via Brave

  2. By clicking the 3dots on the bottom right corner in Brave and then click on downloads

  3. By clicking on any completed download within Brave Browser downloads directory

Expected result:

A simple solution as this wasn’t happening yesterday

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.33.99,
Chromium 96.0.4664.55

Mobile Device details

OnePlus NORD N20 5G
Android 11
OxygenOS V11.3

Additional Information:

When I attempt to install a completed download from Brave download directory within browser itself the usual android package installer does not come up but instead document, pdf, book reader etc. applications do. I’m not fluent in I.T.,Mobile interpretation or explaining properly as I’m ignorant of the terminology so bare with me. When looking inside above directory and to the left of completed downloads is a tiny document icon, “sheet of paper” which I don’t remember noticing yesterday when I didn’t have this issue. Possibly it’s a bug within the software’s labeling or Identifying of apk files but maybe I should do the most kindergarten thing which is uninstall, fresh download and install as my cognitive latency suppressed this option until now. Any feedback to this issue would be greatly appreciated with sincere gratitude for your time and professionalism.

@Problematicmike Hi and welcome to the community.

I think you have to download the installer from the app store for Android. AFAIK, Brave does not have a download repository outside the app store for Android devices. Can you please provide a link to the download page you used? I have linked Brave’s download page below for reference.

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