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Hello all,

I have searched all I could find in the already asked department. Here is the “issue”. I want to download the installer pkg from Brave. Don’t want the google play store pkg with tweeks in it.

However, any attempt to download runs me to the google play store. This includes desktop and android.

I would expect there is some sort of archive page with clear and orderly downloads to choose from.

I tried Github as one advised, but at no point in searching the many, many fixes and patches, did I see anything I could remotely consider as the installer pkg for android.

I tried over at Filehippo, but they are only showing the desktop browser.

Since your word is privacy, I am sure Brave has some archive page that is a clean install.

Anyone have the link to that page?

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ok well did finally find this download page. It has several versions available.

installed the most recent and it seems fine.

@dkg ,

Brave Browser for Android – CHANGELOG:

There, click on the large font sized, latest version number.

On the resulting web page, scroll down and select “the APK suitable for your device’s architecture.”

Brave Browser for Android - at GitHub:

Latest version:

Bravearm.apk . . . . . . . . 32-bit ARM
BraveMonoarm.apk . . . 32-bit ARM
BraveMonoarm64.apk . 64-bit ARM
BraveMonox64.apk . . . 64-bit Intel x86_64
BraveMonox86.apk . . . 32-bit Intel x86
Bravex86.apk . . . . . . . . 32-bit Intel x86

Good table for ref. at:


64-bit CPU architecture:

arm64 . . . (ARM)
x86_64 . . (Intel)

64-bit instruction set:

aarch64 . . . (ARM)
AArch64 . . . (ARM)
arm64 . . . . (ARM)
arm64-v8a . (ARM)

32-bit CPU architecture:

ARM . . (ARM)
x86 . . . (Intel)

32-bit instruction set:

armeabi . . . . (ARM)
armeabi-v7a . (ARM)
ARMv7 . . . . . (ARM)

Check Android device architecture:

PS. CHANGELOG for Desktop:

I thank you for replying. :slightly_smiling_face:

But still no idea which one is “suitable” for my android.

But I did find a download over on

@dkg ,

The APK packages at GitHub, that I reference, are installers from Brave. I updated my reply, above, with more info that I found online.

Thanks so much. You took a lot of time to help me, I appreciate it very much. Hopefully our exchange will help folks coming along later, asking the same question.


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