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I installed it on my ANS UL40 Android phone but I can’t find it.

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Are you looking for where the application file is stored internally or are you looking for the shortcut on your device?


Both I guess. I can’t find either.


Did you download it through the Google playstore?


Pretty sure, but it could have been at the Brave web site. More likely now that I think of it.


Can you confirm this one way or another for me?


Yep, it was


So you wen’t to --> Download --> Download for Android:

Is that correct?


That’s the one yes.


That button should have been a link which brought you to the Google Playstore where you would have downloaded the app. You mentioned that you have an ANS device? When you go to download other apps on your phone, is that also done through the same Google Playstore or is there a proprietary store with pre-approved apps?


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