Unable to open Brave on Mac at all

**Description of the issue: Cannot open Brave at all on Mac Mojave OS. Tried installing multiple times. I do not receive any error of any kind. It just refuses to open at all.

**How can this issue be reproduced?
download latest version of Brave, and try to open

**Brave Version:

Brave for Mac version doesn’t work, it always closes.
I use MacOS 10.3.6
Where is possible to download the previous release?

Thank you so much for the reply. Are you aware of a stable version of Brave that works on Mac- Mojave OS?

There is something disturbing in the ‘Brave-Browser’ folder located inside the ‘Library -> Application Support -> BraveSoftware’. If you put it on your desktop (don’t throw it away) Brave will no longer closes. You can recover the bookmarks file located in the folder ‘Brave-Browser -> Default’.
Of course you will have to adjust your preferences and settings again and also download the extensions again (Hoping that the problem isn’t caused by one of these).
I hope it can help you.

I have the same version and issue. I also cannot open the latest beta.

There’re crash reports on GitHub as well. Looks like VP is aware of this issue, so may want to disable your sync for now.

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