Unable to log into a site and Sync Devices Problems

I am currently having 2 problems that is driving my crazy! The 1st is that when I go to this one website the Drop Down Menus and the Login element does not work so as I can not login in any Chromium based web browsers (ie:Chrome, Brave or Vivaldi). But I can login with Firefox or Safari without a problem and everything works as it should. I have went as far as removing Chrome and Brave from my system and reinstalling just Brave and without any extensions. And removing any Ad blockers and protections enabled for the site. And it still is doing it! I have contacted the Site IT and they where not much help they just said not their fault. Any ideas? Also I have duplicate Entry in Managing the Sync Devices in Brave. But as of this last update I still can not delete and devices in settings for Sync Devices nothing is showing up in the delete column to do so (ie: A trash can or anything). Is editing Sync Devices enabled in MacOs? I have a 2017 iMac with MacOs 11 (Bug Sur) installed.

hi @Tjisret, do you have the last version of brave in all your devices? I had experienced myself that the sync feature does not work properly when the versions are different.

As far as I know I do. I have both a iPhone and iPad version 1.22 and I did a manual update check and no new version of Brave showed up. The duplicate device I am trying do remove is of my Mac. And the Delete Function does not show up for any device.

is that the nightly version or something similar? so you mean the remove “x” doesn’t appear to you?



I.22.1 Is the most recent IOS version on the App Store
1.18.77 is the most recent Desktop Version
And now I do not have the x or a trash can or what ever in the remove column nothing at all.

unfortunately I don’t have idea what could be the cause of your problem, the only thing that rest is to contact someone of the brave team

Can you share a screenshot similar to @JohnDproof showing the missing ‘x’ buttons next to each device?

Additionally, can you share a screenshot of your brave://sync-internals page?

Ok here are the screen shots that you requested. And do you have any suggestions about my other problem that I am having? Thanks for the help

Thank you for the info. Which device’s internals are we seeing in the screenshot? And – sorry for the repetition – can you send a screenshot of the internals from another device on the chain as well?

The Internals Page is for my Mac (USS Defiant) and there is a copy of it that I was trying to delete. On the other devices that you see is IOS Devices I am not sure on how to get the requested Info that you want on a IOS Device? And in fact the Remove Column is missing on my IOS Devices.

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