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I have installed and have been using brave as a default browser for about a month and a half now, and i can say although i had heard great things about this browser and enjoyed the first few days, it is becoming a total nuisance and i am more inclined everyday on going back to my previous browsers which did not give me such issues.
First off the sync option does not work and my desktop browser will not sync to mobile. And on my mobile, not only I do not get the rewards section, i cannot do anything because of this pop up that appears every time i open the app. In addition, there is no history! all tabs are automatically closed when i close the app while I am pretty sure i did not ask the app to do this! meanwhile, on the desktop version, i cannot see the summary on each new tab as i can see on m phone!
it is becoming very frustrating and all help and suggestions will be appreciated

There’s a lot to unpack here – you’ve mentioned several issues in one post. Before we start troubleshooting can you please provide some more information about the devices you’re using?

  • You used the macOS and iOS tag for the post, but you didn’t mention anything about an iOS device. You did mention an Android device, however. Can you please tell me what Android device you’re using, as well as what version of macoS you’re on?
  • For each device, can you also tell me what Brave version you’re using (Menu --> About Brave to find this information)
  • Apologies but can you translate/summarize what the message in the image that you shared says?
  • As far as I can tell, you’re having an issue Syncing your desktop data to your mobile device(s) and on your Android device, you’re either not seeing the Brave Rewards icon, or there is an issue using the feature, and it appears that the browser is not saving your history/tabs/state when exited. Is that all accurate?

@Mattches Thank you for your reply. I was very frustrated and put everything together, which became a bit confusing. I will try to make a short list and answer your questions in this message.

  1. I did not mention an Android device, both my devices are Apple and I have turned on the sync option within Brave. I have an iPhone running iOS 14 and a MacBook running on MacOS 11.1

  2. Brave version on the iPhone is 1.22.1 ( and on Mac is 1.18.75. However, they appear to not be syncing and all tabs are closed on the iPhone as soon as I close the app. Similar to having the browser delete the history when closing a session on desktop.

  3. On the phone, I cannot see the rewards option but I can see the summary on each new tab that I open, and vice versa on the laptop, meaning that I can see the rewards on the laptop, but not the summary when opening a new tab.

  4. For some unclear reason, the pop-up message is in German, although my entire device and settings are in English, and it is a typical cookies information message asking me to either accept or login via Google. However, when either option is selected, it will still re-appear at the next launch of the application on the phone and does not really allow me to browse.

  5. Finally, I have enabled the video ads on the desktop version of Brave to receive rewards, but I cannot see them at all and I do not know why.

I hope this message is more clear and I appreciate your help.

Thank you for confirming all of that. Lets dive in:

  1. Do you get this same behavior with the tabs closing themselves on exit if you have Sync disabled?
  2. This particular point is not an issue, but rather a result of some unfortunate changes we’ve had to make to the iOS version of the browser. Please see the official announcement here for more information.
  3. I’m not entirely sure I understand this part – would you be able to share a screenshot of the browser asking you to accept cookies/login via Google?
  4. Please see #3.

I will try to disable Sync and see if it changes and whether I still receive the sign in prompt or not to share a screenshot.
Thank you

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Probably not relevant, but just in case, I had a problem with Sync when I did not realize data preferences have to set on each device in the browser chain.

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