Not syncing between Apple devices

Have just downloaded brave browser for mac desktop pro (2017) and iphone X. Imported passwords and bookmarks OK onto the desktop browser and have setup syncing between them. The problem is that although both devices show in the sync setting on both devices, nothing is actually syncing between them. I have toggled on all syncing options on both devices.

What am I doing wrong?

A few years ago I tried Brave Browser and struck the same problem. Nobody had a solution then so went back to using another brand.

@Practika first off…

  1. What version of Brave are you using on your devices?

  2. Which OS on each? (for example, are you on iOS 17.5.1 on your iPhone or which version? And which Mac OS on your desktop?)

  3. When you say “nothing” syncs, are you saying bookmarks and all aren’t showing? Or are you putting a priority focus on passwords?

  4. On your desktop, if you go to brave://sync-internals does it show everything syncing? For example, I have screenshots of two areas for you to look at below: