Unable to get my Gemini account verified.

I am unable to get my Gemini account verified. It shows error every time and I get the following message:
Error: You need a verified account to log in
Please try again after you have completed ID verifiction on Gemini. Close
Please help. Thank you.

It sounds like you’ve not fully completed KYC/AML with Gemini. If you have, then it might just be you’ve not completed all of your information in the Profile. If your profile doesn’t have your detailed mailing address, name, social security, date of birth, etc then it won’t go through. Sometimes people have their profile with very generic "United States or “Florida” instead of “123 Somewhere, FL 32765” for the address.

So make sure you go back to Gemini and have provided all documentation with them AND that your Gemini profile is complete with all of your information. It should work once that is done.

If you’re not connecting to Gemini or Uphold, you will need to Claim the monthly payout when it arrives. Payouts begin around the 8th of each month and it can take 2-3+ weeks to complete.

You said the text above on another topic but I’m bringing the question here 'cause it is related somehow, instead of opening a new topic.
This is the 1st time that I’m gonna claim my rewards instead of being paid with Uphold since my region is now unsupported. During the time that my region stays unsupported, my BAT rewards will be stored in the Browser as vBAT, as far as I understand, right?
But once my region is supported again, how can I receive the stored BAT (or vBAT) to my Uphold/Gemini account? Will it be automatic paid in the next payment from the date that I can login to my Uphold account again with Brave, or should I do something else before or after connecting my account in order to receive the stored BAT.

I assume that I can’t receive my BAT without Uphold or Gemini account, right? It will be stored indefinitely until my region is supported again.

Thank you for your kind response. I just visited the Gemini website, which says “Welcome back! We are in the process of verifying your identity. Thank you for your patience”. Regards, SK

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