Unable to get flash (audio) working for HDTracks.com

I’m trying to get audio to work for HDTracks.com. They still use shockwave-flash.
I followed the how-to instructions for enabling this.

  1. With the browser at HDTracks.com I clicked the padlock
  2. I went to Site Settings
  3. I set flash to enable.
  4. I reloaded the webpage. When I click on the padlock now - I see that flash is enabled for this site.
    However, I still can’t get flash to run on this site. Nothing happens when I click on a sound sample to play.
    I’m using the latest version of Brave (this site works fine in the Chrome browser) on Windows 10.
    Any idea why it’s still failing?

Just tested this, can you download/install the official Adobe flash. I was able to playback the sounds via flash in Brave

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