Flash not working on any website

So i have last version on flash but I need some help.
I tried on different websites and it says plugin not supported or not working at all
If I go to https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html to check my flash, is allowed but nothing happens:


I already tried to

  • disable hardware acceleration
  • reinstall brave
  • update flash to last version
  • delete all my extensions
  • all shields are down

@EZ98, I had the same issue :expressionless:
the problem is that flash had been considered insecure for some time already, adobe has announced the end of the support for flash this year so I guess brave doesn’t see necessary to support a technology that is market to disappear this year.

so I still have google chrome installed for the times I want to play some flash games :smirk:

Maybe you can resolve this, now it works perfectly for me.
I just downloaded another version of flash called “PPAPI”.

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@EZ98, thanks dude, it worked, you can use the supernova swf enabler extension if you don’t want to enable flash every time

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