Unable to deposit or withdraw rewards on verified uphold account

I have been using the browser for some time , for some reason now when i try to deposit or withdraw funds from or to uphold, the pop up window shows like in the screenshot. If i click on login nothing will happen. it’s like it’s not reading that i am already logged in , but in the background you can see that uphold status is verified.

[Version 1.13.82 Chromium: 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Additional Information:

Hi @Andrea9346, Welcome to Community!
How much BAT do you have in your browser wallet? (not including pending rewards)
When you go to Uphold.com, do you see your BAT card, if so, how much BAT do you see there?

There are 0.5 BAT at the moment

Can you share a screenshot of your browser wallet balance?
And a screenshot of your Uphold BAT card balance?

Hi, same issue here. I already have an uphold account with KYC. wallet is verified but the withdraw button shows a message with a login button which does not respond.


@Andrea9346, I also have the same problem. This started for me last month on my desktop, but now has spreaded to my laptop as well. Is BRAVE trying to resolve this issue? Seems quite a few have expressed this issue on the bulletin board but so far no solutions. Any clarifications, or at least expectation setting, would be hugely helpful. thx

I am also facing the exactly same issue like other people mentioned here. Is there any bug ?

What day/date did you connect to Uphold?

The same day i have started this topic

Brave and Uphold are garbage. Between the two you will get nowhere, just uninstall this trash and move on with a decent browser that isn’t laughing at you.

Update, so apparently the browser finally synced with my uphold abd sent the funds in , a few moments later it withdrew them back ( i didn’t even know this was possible, honestly made me really uncomfortable seeing it happening) , check the screenshot .

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