Unable to add a site url in browser's Top sites

When i try to add a new site in “Top sites”, i click on “add site” button, a window appears, but it is only possible to enter a website title. If i click on anything, for example a line to add a site URL, or “save”, or “cancel”, the window disappears. It is impossible to add a site URL. Why? How can i solve it? It worked earlier.

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Information in topic linked by @CerealLover

This is rather a workround than a solution while waiting for a solution in the next Brave update.
Fortunately, the workaround is very simple: do not use mouse to move from NAME to URL , instead use TAB button.
Use ENTER to save!


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Thanks, it solved the problem :slight_smile:
I am trying to use Brave. I am used to have speed dial function on other browsers. Seems that Brave still haven’t got it. I was curiuos, just why? The closest thing is “Top sites”. I was worried if even this is not working anymore, i will have to get back to my old browser. Thanks for solving the problem.

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I think Top Sites is Brave’s implementation of speed dial. The problem is the 12 site max. There is a Brave GitHub issue report in progress to increase this number. I couldn’t find exactly how this is going to be implemented as the storybook for the feature is not publicly available.

Brave GitHub issue reports recently opened. No movement, but probably won’t be until after the weekend.

Thank you so much!
My problem got solved.

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