Cannot add a new website to add site in new tab

there is a bug on adding new site in new tab in brave current version in windows and linux


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Could you please provide some more information?
I’m sure here are a lot of friendly people trying to help you.
But, to be honest, nobody can give you a serious answer according to the information you provided .

Btw., you joined the community 30mins ago and 3mins later you already found a bug in brave? :thinking:

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Hey, I wish I am not interrupting this thread, but I have encountered the same issue as the person who raised this question.

What happened at my end is that — when you click “add site”, a small window pops up as usual for you to add your Favourite website. But after you finish adding the “Name” and click “URL” or anywhere on your screen, the window closes automatically…


I also have this problem, I hope it will be solved soon

I also have this problem, since I’m in higher education and it would help me to fix it as soon as possible

I think you are trying to add a site to top sites. There is a known issue report at Brave GitHub and the fix is in Nightly 1.42.x. Until the fix reaches the stable version, there is a workaround. Posting the section of User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x that has links to the workarounds.

ISSUE: Cannot Add New Favorite Top Site
Source: Cannot add new favorite top site


I can’t add favorite sites on my new tab - #5 by CerealLover

Cannot add new favorite top site - #11 by octo3010

Brave GitHub Issue Reports:
Fix layering issues with the NTP Add/Edit site dialog #13975
Fix: Implemented in Brave Nightly 1.42.x

Using Mouse Clicks when Adding or Editing Top Sites on NTP Closes the Dialogue Box #23689

Edit site is not working #23685
Related issue report also fixed by #13975

Hello sir,
I am sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking when I made the post few days ago without providing more clear and exact information.
As for the problem it seems that This person has stated the problem clearly
I just updated my brave browser and it seems like the issue hasn’t been solved but I have found a way to still add sites.
Just click on add site with + icon.
Then write the name of the website on the name section but don’t use the mouse to click anywhere instead hit TAB key on your keyboard.
It will switch to web address (URL) , there you can paste or add the link to your favorite website and press TAB key again to select save and hit enter .
I hope the main problem gets solved ASAP and thanks for the reply.

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