I can't add favorite sites on my new tab

I read the support site, I unistalled and installed the browser, I just recently installed this browser and this became a problem.

Every time that I try to paste an URL, Try to save or cancel results in nothing. The tab just dissapears and nothing changes in my new tab. Why is this happening? This never happened to me before in other browsers.


I had the same issue, I found a work-around for now, it’s on this thread:

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While It works, it’s curious how this problem has been around recently. I used to use Brave a year ago and this problem didn’t happen. I don’t really get why this isn’t solved yet.

Well… Thank you anyway.

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Yep, Brave’s been a bit finicky for me too lately. Its been my favorite browser with no issues up until recently, so I’m hoping they resolve these bugs soon.



This is rather a workround than a solution while waiting for a solution in the next Brave update.
Fortunately, the workaround is very simple: do not use mouse to move from NAME to URL , instead use TAB button.
Use ENTER to save!



Ah this is alot easier, thanks!

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Thanks for this workaround, CerealLover!

Brave GitHub issue reports recently opened. No movement, but probably won’t be until after the weekend. Hopefully Brave dev will post anticipated fix date.

Guys i had the same issue, but solved with this;

click to new tab>customize>Brave news> turn on"Show Brave News".
and after all close this settings pop up.
click to Add site to favorites> scroll down with your mouse little bit to brave news,
and when the screen is blurred because of Brave News, boom! you can edit everything with your mouse.

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@TheGMren It works for me too! That is just so bizarre. Gratz on figuring that one out. lol

I think I will go post your workaround in the issue report on Brave GitHub… :smiley:

yeah tab is also used to toggle the focus… i tried all the things but the tab. thanks :v::v:

FYI: Fix currently in Brave Nightly 1.42.x

Resolves brave/brave-browser#23685, brave/brave-browser#23689

This fixes two issues with the add/edit site dialog:

  1. The dialog would show under the grid sites.
  2. The dialog would close when clicking on a field (because the click would be handled by the layer above it).

Cannot add new favorite top site - #28 by Chocoholic
Screen recording of Top Sites dialogue working with mouse clicks on Brave Nightly

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