Udemy, Laracasts Problem

I have problem with these websites. Video won’t start on Udemy platform, just loading spinner, and on Laracasts they send notification.

@arokv, I’m not sure on Laracasts but the best results so far for me to get Udemy to work is setting the resolution manually.

Set the resolution to 1080p or something to match your screen. If I leave it on auto I get the same exact problem you’re getting.

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@arokv Thanks for reaching out! On which platform and brave version are you seeing this issue?
Just verified on windows 10 x64 with brave release version 0.63.48, I am able to view videos on Udemy websites without any issues.

Could you revert back with brave version, please?


@gsarvadnya Brave Version 0.63.48, MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Udemy settings are on auto.

Edit: I found solution. It doesn’t work on auto video quality, works only on specific video quality 720p, 1080p…

Sorry for my english.

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@Mizex @arokv,
This may be due to Shields Device Recognition settings – Udemy may be attempting to canvas/read your screen size and subsequently gets blocked due to this setting. Try setting Device Recognition to Allow all and see if video playback initiates without having to manually set resolution.

@arokv – for Laracasts, site seems to require a cookie to be placed, most likely for tracking video progress (maybe) – setting cookie control to Allow all resolves the issue and video plays as intended.

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Great, it works now! Brave is my now browser, React dev tools and other chrome extensions work great! :wink:
Thank you @Mattches :wink:


You’re very welcome, @arokv!