Website Udemy does not work on brave on Multiple operating systems

Hello, I would first like to say that I am very happy to be a brave user and that I love using this browser. I am teaching myself to be a developer but the website That I currently spend most of my time on does not work properly with brave.

Only about 5% of the time videos will load properly, this happens with or without the google DRM plugin that is recommended to you when you open the website.

It happens on my Manjaro Linux Distro and on Windows 10.
Turning shields down does not change this.
Restarting my machine also does not change this.

I have not been exhaustive in troubleshooting this problem, because my intuition tells me that this is a problem that Is either something on the back end I can’t control or its a problem that will take me several hours of work to fix that someone will be able to to figure out for me in less then 30 seconds.

So I hope by leaving this post here someone will answer me and anyone else with this issue will be able to use the website search tool to find the answer, or at least that this will help alert the developers to a minor technical issue.

I really would like to use brave for every thing except testing my coding projects.

Thanks in advance.

Udemy is using widvine via brave://settings/extensions

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Thank you, That appears to have fixed the issue. This confuses me slightly because I thought
I had enabled and disabled that plug in before.
Usually when the videos do work on brave they work for an hour or two then stop.

I am going to go use the browser for a couple hours and if the videos stop, but the wild-vine
plugin has not been disabled I will update my post.

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