Ublock Origin for Brave Android?


Is there a way to install Ublock Origin on the Brave Android Browser?
I’m not an Android geek, so please explain in English.



Android browser doesn’t allow installing any extensions. There is no way to install any extension on the browser.


Thanks Sriram. That’s too bad.
The Brave blocker was working fine until a couple days ago when PCH changed their site.
Now many ads show up, video ads are no longer skipped, causing minute long delays for pages to load.
Extremely frustrating.



Could you provide details of the site where it stopped working?


Most of the affected pages are on https://www.pch.com/sweepstakes
Other PCH games that use a similar intro and completion page are affected as well.

My wife and I play these daily, and the extremely long delays waiting for multiple video ads to run are frustrating.
The video ads used to skip in 1 to 2 seconds, but now they take 45 seconds to over a minute each.
I’m sure it’s PCH trying to foil ad blockers, as they do every now and then, but it would be awesome if Brave could quickly regain the upper hand in this battle.


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