Two years later, do we have a native translate yet?

2 years ago someone asked about a native translator in brave. Has anything happened with this yet? It is discouraging that Brave as good as it is falls short on a number of important areas such as this. If we want to use brave and go to a foreign site, yes we are forced to install an extension as the poster commented. It was completely unprofessional and uncaring to see a Brave support person answer in the manner in which they did. “you are not forced to do anything!” Are they not firing on all cylinders? I am hopeful that improvements will be forthcoming with brave. It has great potential over other browsers if fleshed out.

Original question by another user with an awful response by brave.

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I’m a community member too and have been using Brave Browser a little over 4 months. I see the native translator issue pop up now and then in community topics. I posted two links to closed Brave GitHub issue reports below in case you haven’t seen them. I also posted an image of the comment within each issue that I think is relevant to why this is ongoing.

GitHub Issue Report: In page translation for content#208

Relevant Comment: bsclifton Comment Issue #208

GitHub Issue Report: Integrated Translation #16030

Relevant Comment: bsclifton comment issue #16030

Each of the issues do discuss options/alternatives and have other related information you may be interested in if you haven’t seen them before. Hope it helps!

Below is a current Brave GitHub issue report that is open. It is backlogged with no movement although there are two comments posted about 2 weeks ago by users. I imagine the issues addressed in the above topics still exist.

Add native web page translator #10302

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Those answers are better and answer the question directly, thank you.

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