Where is the 'foreign language translation' option in Dev?

Just came across this now-closed thread which references a ‘foreign language translation’ feature in Dev.

Where is that?

Chrome’s auto-translation of foreign language webpages is the only reason I still use it at all.

I’d be glad to kiss it good-bye :100:.

And get all my trans from Brave.

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@Mattches “we do have potential implementations already”…

Does that refer to a currently-useable feature or ‘not yet’?

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@mk7z agree :100:%. Have you taken a look at the other threads on the Brave translation topic? There are a TON like, How Can You Invoke The Foreign Language Translation Option that provide a lot of info on how Brave plans to incorporate this function. Can’t happen soon enough for me!

Thanks. I’ll check for those other threads. The one you linked to was one I started. :wink:

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My apologies @mk7z. I should have caught that. After reviewing, the articles I remembered reading on the translation topic were on Github and Reddit here:
I didn’t see any major updates since last read with Brave Support Team still saying:
" In-page translation is actually already available in Brave beta builds – should be hitting release build in the next major update :)"
To summarize the articles as you said, the feature doesn’t seem ready for release version just yet with no one committing to a set ETA.

Thanks for those links.

If Dev counts as a “beta build” I’d sure like to know where in it translation “is already available”.

The long & short of it seems to be that as of the current moment Brave Translate isn’t yet ready for prime time.

But the cup is half full so maybe the nice, long-awaited surprise will come soon.

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Whoa! Did you see the latest release notes for Release Channel v0.69.132? Specifically, “Added ‘Install Google Translate to translate this page?’ popup when viewing websites in other languages. (#5561 )”
Check out the topic and associated link on Github. I was able to install the Google Translate Extension and translate full pages in Brave Browser! Byebye Chrome! Granted, it’s still using a Google service, but nice to be able to complete inside Brave at least. I’ll take it!
Hope it works for you.

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Thanks @Tired_of_Accounts for the feedback! Glad you’re stoked.

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Good news, thanks.

So is this best done by upgrading to the current version of whatever BRAVE format you’re using, or, given the reference to ‘extension,’ can it just be added (i.e., inserted into a recent – but not necessarily the latest – version)?

Also, is ‘translation’ now assumed to be available in all BRAVE formats (incl. Dev)?


Hi @mk7z,

The extension is available for download in all versions (Dev-latest).


You’ll be prompted in the icon to the left of Shields to install the extension.

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Got it, thanks.

If I understand the warning below (in italics), it means that if the extension is used in ‘Private’ mode, Google will be able to see the URL’s of the foreign language webpages I open, but not the actual text that’s translated?

Is that correct?

Allow in private
Warning: Brave cannot prevent extensions from recording your browsing history. To disable this extension in private mode, unselect this option.

Also, (applicable here but also more generally), since ‘privacy’ is apparently lost when browser extensions are active, is it best not to use them in ‘private’ windows (i.e., because it serves no purpose to do that)?

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