Two payments received out of three to my uphold account

Hi there. I’m writing here cause the rewards are now marked as “payout completed” even though I did not receive everything.

I’m using brave on my phone (pixel 4a5g), my personal laptop (MSI gl75 Windows 11) and my work pc (windows 10 PC).

I’m sure I’m running the last version on every single one of them. They are all connected to my only one uphold account and marked as verified.

They were all verified around the 21 or March 2022. I’m not using any VPN, I’m in France, my smartphone passes the SafetyNet test, and autocontribute is desactivated.

My problem is the following :

  • I have received two payout out of 3 on my uphold account. Another one is missing.
  • I can’t see on each of my brave browser the amount of BAT that was transfered to identify the device that did not transfer BAT to my uphold.

Thanks in advance everyone and have a nice day !


Same here I have also not received my rewards for march month… they have marked it as completed now and still I am having nothing. Poor service, using google is far better than using brave because they don’t make these fake claims… @steeven


Hi there everyone, I still don’t know how to associate the transfert to an id in brave://internal-rewards but I just received the last payment for march !

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