Two book pirating sites come up first in search for a book

When I searched a friends book, two pirate sites came up first. Amazon (the only place it is legally sold at) was third. I took a screenshot but there is no way to upload. The two site are

don’t know if you can do anything about them but I would like them removed from your searches. Why do they come up first?

Because search engines go based on what users look for and use. So it finds and affirms appropriate items based on search terms, links clicked, time spent on sites, etc. It’s not like a human is sitting there adding and prioritizing. It’s machine learning.

Perhaps Brave will shock me, but you’re kind of barking up the wrong tree there. This is supposed to be search results without bias or censorship. In fact:

No, Brave Search does not filter, downrank, or censor search results. Nor will we change our search algorithm to increase or decrease the prominence of results in response to current events or anyone’s political, religious, ethical, or other beliefs. Brave Search—like Brave itself—is intended to be a user-first portal to the web, free of Big Tech’s manipulation.

However, there is one exception to this rule: We do need to comply with laws governing search engines, including CSAM, copyright takedown (DMCA), right to be forgotten (GDPR), and nation-state orders.

There’s an upload button when you comment. It looks like Photos 8_15_2022 2_35_09 PM So yes, there is and was a way to upload the screenshot(s).

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