Twitter extremely slow

Description of the issue: After staying on Twitter for a while (for me around 1-2 hours) the website slows down on text input. The longer Twitter is open, the slower it runs. Usually after approximately 2 hours (if it occoured previously, even after deleting “Twitter Upload” cookie, the 2 hours here get reduced to ~5-15 minutes) the text input it so slow, that it might take up to two minutes to write and display a single short sentence.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open
  2. Upload a few images, write a few replies
  3. Eventually, when writing texts, it will start taking some time for the text to show up, eventually culminating in a visual freeze of the text input.

Expected result: Smooth, immediate display of Text on Twitter.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.60.125 Chromium: 119.0.6045.199 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: A temporary fix is to delete the “Twitter Upload” cookie and refreshing the tab, but the issue returns quickly.

Whats this? Could try clearing all cookies, then re-login. Also test in private window mode

The “Twitter Upload” Cookie is the bottom one:

Clearing all cookies and re-login is only a temporary solution, as you’d have to do that every several times a day, and you’ll have to log into all your Accounts repeatedly. Very finnicky and I think the User shouldn’t have to do that when the issue is on the Browser (as other browsers have no issue with this).

@italy2003 Out of curiosity, what are your Shields settings like? Also, are you uploading a whole bunch of stuff in that timeframe?

Originally I was just going to say I’ve been messing around on Twitter lately and haven’t experienced any issues. In fact, I wasn’t even seeing the Twitter Upload cookie. But then I did see it when I went to upload images.

I have a habit of never keeping tabs open and there’s not enough to do to keep me on Twitter for hours. I guess I may have to intentionally do that to test your issue. But in my normal usage, if I navigate away from Twitter or close the page, the Upload Cookie goes away by itself.

That’s with Shields as you see below:

Here are my settings. It usually appears after uploading a few images and interacting with/replying to a bunch of posts.

Mind trying to mimic mine on it and see if it makes any difference? I’m wondering if the stricter blocking might impact something

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I get the same issue… Closing the browser and reopening it fixes it until it happens again.

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That did not help, unfortunately.

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Thanks for trying. While everyone is looking I thought would offer one of those small random ideas, figuring maybe the extra ad and tracker blocking might have contributed to better performance.

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Small update: It seems that it’s an event handler that slows the site down:

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It seems like there might be a performance issue with Twitter on the Brave browser, causing text input to slow down after extended usage, potentially due to accumulated cache or cookie data affecting functionality. To address this, consider clearing cache and cookies specifically related to Twitter, updating the Brave browser to the latest version, disabling conflicting extensions, and checking for any browser conflicts by testing Twitter in an incognito/private window. twittersave might be related to saving tweets on Twitter, addressing the text input slowdown might require these troubleshooting steps to ensure a smoother and immediate display of text on the platform.

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