Site Performance Has Slowed To A Crawl

Description of the issue: is unsuably slow

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. navigate to twitter,com

  2. suffer the agonizingly slow performance ( seriously … ’ lag ’ isn’t even the word )

Expected result:

brisk operation of website instances, as brave does admirably in all other cases.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

i am one of the ’ too many browser ’ tabs clan.

all other tabs operate as expected ( remarkably well, actually ). however twitter tabs in the same browser instance have been * truly * unresponsive - occasionally, even to the point of generating the ’ this website is unresponsive ’ (paraphrasing) error - for me for about a week or so.

on this same machine ( ubuntu 22.04, awesomewm, btw… ) an instance of the chrome browser displays and navigates swimmingly well, as expected.

It shouldn’t be slower than any other browser, is hardware acceleration is enabled?

Does it work better in private window mode?

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