Twitter/Twitter Beta issue - Delay on right click

I have started using Brave browser a few days ago and I am really enjoying it, especially its speed. But, there is one performance issue that I am not really happy about.

When I right click on an image or link on Twitter, I have to wait at least 2-3 seconds for the right-click menu to appear. I did not encounter the same issue on any other website, but as it is a really popular website, I wanted to report this issue (and I do use right click frequently on Twitter, so also for selfish reasons).

Good luck with the development and thanks for creating this great browser.


I recently helped a user with a similar issue. Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration and see if that helps?
Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

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That didn’t fix it for me

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This did not have any effect, unfortunately. I did relaunch the browser.

@Marcel, glad to hear that helped!
@poohdini, is there any way you’d be willing to take a short screen recording of the behavior as you see it? Would help diagnose what the issue may be.
We have some free/easy resources for recording and/or image capturing screen activity in our Community Resources section if you don’t have a way to do this already.

You must have misunderstood something, it hasn’t changed anything for me as well (In my gif I press right-click before I start to circle around with the cursor, it takes about 3 seconds to open)

@Marcel, apologies - it’s been a long day. Read that as “that worked for me”! My bad.
Does it function properly if you turn Shields off on Twitter?

Nope, I’ve already tried that. Btw this only happens on the new Twitter Beta design (which is, but not in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

:pencil2:(oops, it’s and not :sweat_smile:)

Here it is. I do right-click immediately at the beginning of the recording.

I also have to state that it happens on Twitter Beta, but only on Brave.

Can you (anyone) test and confirm whether or not you’re experiencing on both Twitter Beta and “regular” Twitter?

I’m experiencing this on the new Twitter only (twitter beta). On the legacy version it works just fine.


I’ve created a Pull Request for a fix here

Note that we have an issue opened here for this on our GitHub:

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@Mattches thanks! I’ve added a comment there to reference the PR I opened on brave-extension


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