Twitch simply wont load anymore (Error 3000)

Hi there guys,

Until recently I was in love with my Brave Browser, however when I use twitch, I keep getting error 3000. Upon googling apparently a simple fix is to just delete your caches and load again, well I’ve done that and it still hasn’t fixed it, which is a shame really as I don’t want to abandon the browser :frowning:

Can anyone help? I’ve deleted all my caches, cookies, history etc (which for some reason logs me out of everything like google, which I don’t tick yet it still does).

Can you retry in private window mode? and/or switch off hardware acceleration

do you have fingerprinting on “strict, may break sites”? i had the same problem and after i put fingerprinting back in standard it worked again

I’ve actually only ever had it set to standard, all my settings have been pretty much default tbh, might have one last crack and see if deleting and reinstalling helps, which is a shame as I liked building up my brave stats lol.

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