Turning on Sync with Google Account Does Not Work

I found out that when you click on your profile icon, there is now an option to “Sync and personalize Brave across your devices,” with an orange button saying “Turn on sync…” I already have started a Sync Chain, so I was confused. When I pressed that orange button, it took me to sign into Google. However, after logging into my Google Account, one of two things happen: either it logs in successfully and freezes my window–causing me to quit the app and losing progress, or the Google site says something went wrong.

To reproduce this (on MacOS):

  1. Create a new profile to get the picture icon on the toolbar
  2. Click on the profile icon right beside the 3 bars on the toolbar
  3. In the drop down menu, press the orange button that says “Turn on sync…”
  4. It will take you to a site to “Sign in to Chrome.” Put in your login info
  5. This is where 2 things will happen
    a. You log in and your icon changes to your Google profile picture, but the window is frozen. You can add new tabs, but you can’t delete tabs, press on bookmarks, or type in the address bar. I already tried working around it by doing Cmd+N, which works, but it is not ideal. Upon quitting, Sync will be logged out again, and you are left to repeat the steps again.
    b. Google says something is wrong.

I tried this on my Windows PC, and it works fine. On MacOS however, it just freezes the window or doesn’t work at all. I expected it to log me in successfully, and for it to say "Sync is on / Manage your Brave Sync Chain /

This is on Brave Beta v1.14.70.

Also, how do you check when the new Beta builds come out? I tried to find when 1.14.70 was released but I don’t see it online anywhere.

Hi @rachel,
That sounds like a bug, we don’t sync/transfer any data with Google.

I see you’re on 1.14.70, Can you update to 1.14.73

Also, you can access Brave Sync v2 via brave://settings/braveSync

After updating on both devices, I notice that the option to sign in with Chrome is no longer there. However, the profile picture from my Google account is still there on my Windows computer.


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