Trying to Update brave on Linux Mint - keep getting error

I’m trying to update my Brave browser on Linux Mint. I’ve tried every channel type but I keep getting a
“curl: (6) Could not resolve host:” message for every single one.

Please help! I’ve only been using Linux for about 6 months so this updating stuff is new to me.

Slightly over a year ago - late 2022 - I installed Brave on Debian 11. After that initial installation, for reasons unknown to me, Brave wasn’t updated when other Debian updates became available. I used the following instructions to update Brave. This command should be appropriate for Debian / Ubuntu / Mint:

sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade brave-browser

After that one instance of manually updating Brave, my installation has subsequently offered Brave updates when they’re available. I hope this works for you.

I got E: unable to locate package brave-browser

I’m sorry my suggestion didn’t work for you. Beyond that, I’d be flailing around in the dark. I hope others help out.

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