Trying to sync new device

Trying to sync Brave for the first time to a new device — from a moto g power to a moto g stylus. I get as far as the screen that lists the devices on sync chain and I have both added (sorry…I don’t see how to add a screenshot here). I’ve turned on “sync everything” in data preferences. But nothing seems to be happening. There’s an “add new device” button, but I don’t see any way to start the sync process. What dumb, obvious thing am I missing? Thanks!

What is it you’re saying it’s not doing yet? I mean, if I’m seeing things properly you have:

  • Added both devices to the sync chain (both of them see each other)

  • Set both devices to Sync Everything (doing just on one device and not the other will cause not to sync)

If that’s done, they auto sync. There’s nothing more to do. Information should be shared. (Well, assuming they are both connected to the internet, lol)

Open tabs is the most obvious thing. Which I assumed means the tabs (and groups) open in the first device would open in the second. Is that not what it means?

@Kyriosity Nah, it doesn’t automatically open. On Android, if you press the hamburger menu (three dots) you’ll see an option that says Recent Tabs. It will show open tabs on other devices. That’s what the tabs sync does.

Aha! But alas, I have only…

New tab
New Private tab
Close all tabs
Group tabs

on that menu.

@Kyriosity Aha! You need to have an open tab first! lol. Sorry, I know this is confusing and I had to stop and think for a moment. So if you open and there’s nothing there, just the black page, then you’ll only have options available regarding opening or closing tabs.

So if you open New Tab and then go to the hamburger menu, you’ll see all the options. (usually doesn’t start from nothing opened is why)

Getting closer! (And thank you, by the way, for your kind patience!)

I now have that full menu, but Recent tabs still only shows me the recently closed tabs on the new device. It also has browser history that includes tabs from my old device. Is that the limit of what it can do? Not actually reproduce my collection of tabs and groups from the old device?

We’re now getting to parts where I’m not going to be as confident. Partly because I’ve not really formed tab groups except to experiment a time or two. I just was trying to play with it a bit and realizing that Android doesn’t recognize tab groups from other devices and all. I’m not sure what limitations there are on it.

I do believe what you see in History and Recent Tabs is the limit of what can be done in general. But haven’t tested or used enough to give confident answers.

You’ve been more than generous with your time. Thanks so much for getting me this far! God bless you!

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