Brave is not syncing open tabs

Hi, I synced both Samsung phones, but nothing Brave of the old phone comes through to the new one. Granted, there are many tabs open. But on the new phone, the open tabs that I synced don’t show. Of course I ticked all sync switches in the options.

This kind of thing didn’t pose any issue with my Samsung internet browser, where I also have many open tabs.
Why is this feature seemingly not foreseen/not properly tested?

Hello @Mundungu

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Have you updated both devices to the latest Brave version?

Be waiting for your response!

Hi ,
Thank you for asking. I dont know how update Brave individual,but did check both phones and they are up to date.
If there’s a link or you can share how to update Just Brave,I will get right on that.

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