Translation for the next generation Brave browser

Dear Brave community,

the other day I stumbled across brave-core and brave-browser and I was wondering how translation is / will be handled.

Is it going to use the existing translation from browser-laptop or will there be an entirely new translation?

I was thinking it might be …?

Thanks for keeping me informed.


Hi @Zuzu_Typ,

I did have same question when they announced it months ago. This post may have some information for you about l10n for Brave 1.0

And yes, that’s the project for brave-core. You can request to Join.
Thank you,

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Hello @eljuno,

thanks a lot! That was the exact information I was looking for!

Ha ha! So that’s why Indonesian is 11% translated and the rest only 6% :grinning:

I’ve already requested to join brave/brave on Transifex half a week ago…
You wouldn’t know by any chance who the team coordinator is?
I would like to ask them if they would be so kind to manually add me.

Again, ¡muchas gracias! and have a nice day!



Let me cc @w0ts0n @Mattches for this. :blush:


@Zuzu_Typ, sorry for the delayed response. I just got done approving (and denying :stuck_out_tongue:) several requests on Transifex. Can you check to see you’ve been approved?

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Hi @Mattches,

Yes I have. Thank you very much!


Happy to help! I’m going to ahead and close this topic now unless you have any further questions :slight_smile: