New language at Transifex


Some days ago I requested for Danish to be added as a new language for brave-desktop on Transifex. Is there anything else I need to do before it can be added?



Nope. I just approved the language request for both add-funds and browser-laptop.



Great, thanks!
Strange thing, though, at I still don’t see Danish in the list. Can you check that Transifex actually lists me as part of the Danish team for add-funds and browser-laptop/brave-laptop (Transifex user name “pryds”)?

Also, I have some experience at coordinating the Danish team of other projects at Transifex (see my profile page for a list). I’m not sure what Brave’s position is on this (some projects prefer to coordinate all languages themselves instead). In any case, feel free to add me as a coordinator or proofreader for Danish, as you see fit.



Thanks for the heads-up. Not sure why the Danish approval didn’t stick last time.

I approved it again. Please let me know you notice any issues with it.

I appreciate the offer to coordinate the Brave Danish language group. I will send you an invite to set you up with the proper permissions.



Thanks, it seems to have stuck this time :slight_smile:

If I have any remarks for particular strings, or for some strings in general, would it be best to leave an issue comment in Transifex or an issue on Github?

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