Languages, lets start built Brave to portuguese users

Hi there!
I would like to volunteer to translate your product to Portuguese.
I am a Portuguese teacher and would love to talk to people about Brave and Bat.
With a educational approach we could bring more to the table.
Please let me know what are your plans to Brazilian market and how I can be part of it
Thank you for your time

There is an old post here about gathering efforts for translation:
Translation in Portuguese (Europe) but the link is dead. I started recommending Brave as the default browser for my parents (who are unable to read/speak english) and I found a couple of nasty translation issues… I want to help!

@treisseisnove @nosuchuser the current link is

The previous link is “dead” when Brave moved to the new codebase. Steps is still similar with my reply in the thread linked above.

I submitted my request to join the translation process! :smiley:

Thanks for the update, @eljuno

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