BAT missing after iOS one time transfer

Hi I have made the one time transfer for the BAT I have accumulated on my iPhone to my desktop Brave browser (uphold) account

However the BAT has not arrived (transfer done just over 24 hours ago)

There is now no way for me to view on my iPhone anything about the BAT I transferred and nothing is showing on my uphold account.

Can anybody help please? Has anybody else experienced this issue and how was it resolved?


Same problem.
Try to go to your desktop Brave://rewards-internals page and select your promotions tab.
You can’t do anything but at least you can check if the transfer has been recorded by the system…

Thanks for the info - that is really useful, I wasn’t aware of that particular screen.

Yes it looks like the transfer has been recorded by the system which is good news, so it is probably a case of waiting a bit longer to see if it arrives.

Status: Over
Amount: 102 BAT
Types: Ads
Expires on: 0
Legacy promotion: Yes
Version: 5

Does anybody know who I should contact if I don’t receive the BAT by say end of next week?

Same for me.
Status: Over
Amount: 71.5 BAT
Type: Ads
Expires at: 0
Legacy promotion: Yes
Version: 5
It’s a system that doesn’t really inspire confidence, whether it eventually goes through or not. If it really is just a matter of time, why does it even take so long to begin with?

Hi guys,
check it:


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