How to transfer pending earnings / BAT rewards from old PC to new one?

Hi guys, I bought a new pc and I dont want to lose my BAT rewards.
Can you please tell me how to transfer “brave account” to another PC? I
m not interested in bookmarks and cookies, I just want the rewards. Thank you

@jesus-pd Any pending should just arrive at your custodial account. In terms of any balances, those should actually be contained in your account. Such as if you’re using Uphold, your balance is in Uphold. Thus when you sign in on your new device, it should display it all there.

If you are using Gemini, you likely won’t be able to connect on your new device. This is because Gemini is currently unavailable for new browser profiles. You could attempt to move your User Data folder that’s located in \brave-browser folder on your device to the new one, which might transition your profile over and keep you connected to Gemini, but it’s a low success rate I do believe. Still, could be worth trying if that’s who you are using. (If need to do this, then replace that \brave-browser or User Data folder before you ever open Brave on the new device)

@Saoiray I am afraid of losing my BATs while transfering and its caused by this error/bug Im experiencing:
On Brave Nightly Im not able to recieve my rewards from the begining of using. I can still see my reward as “earnings so far…x BAT” but it never came. It is just acumulating there fr years! And now I am swithing computer for new one and I need to solve this. Thank you.
(Brave and Brave beta is ok. Everything is up to date)

If you mean for this current month, payouts are still ongoing. You can track the status at Ads Payout Status Update

If you’re saying payouts didn’t happen in like December or January, then you need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at

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