Transfer cripto to my bank account

My question was not answered, I wanted to transfer from my brave wallet and not from brave rewards, I have crypto in my brave wallet and I wanted to use that money or send it to my paypal account, for example, or my bank account.

In order to move it to a place like a bank account, you’ll need to use a centralized exchange like Uphold, Coinbase, or whatever. You can’t just send cryptocurrency to a bank account in most cases.

As for PayPal, if it’s a token that PayPal supports, then you would get your wallet address from PayPal and send it to them. Then once it arrives, you can sell it.

Regardless, the answer is you’ll have to send your cryptocurrency from Brave Wallet to some location that allows you to sell crypto. Brave isn’t an exchange, so you can’t do it through Wallet directly.

Only other thing is if you want to trust a peer to peer selling place. But all of this is stuff you would be doing elsewhere and not through Brave.

Go research self custody wallets (which is what Brave Wallet is), how to sell, centralized exchanges (also referred to as cex), etc.

But how do I transfer the cryptos from the brave wallet to paypal for example or withdraw from there to another place, all I have is the optimist network?