Rewards transfer to uphold to bank

Hi Brave community, I like to ask one question here.
Is it possible to transfer brave rewards from uphold to directly to the bank account. I mean is it Uphold convert BAT into currencies before transfer reward to bank account. Shall we use brave rewards as a normal currencies

  1. When dealing with this type of question, you should be speaking with Uphold, as Brave has nothing to do with this.

  2. Once you receive your BAT at Uphold or Gemini, you are able to withdraw it to your bank account. Yes, this will convert to your currency first, as pretty much no banks will directly accept cryptocurrency.

Not sure what you mean on this. You can use BAT to tip creators, you can save it, you can make payments (this is primarily a feature coming next year) with it, it can be converted to other cryptocurrency, or you can convert it to fiat (that’s real cash) and withdraw it to your bank.

Brave is not going to pay cash directly, if that’s any part of your intent in the question.

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