Brave won't let me send my money to another wallet

I want to send my cryptos to another wallet but brave won’t let me have it and it annoys me a lot

If you can help me I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:



@TYRDMC First off, make sure you ignore the message Sandeep had if you see it arrive in email or anything. It’s a scam account and they will be trying to steal all your crypto if you go to their links and think you’re speaking to anyone. Brave doesn’t have live support or anything.

Secondly, are you making sure addresses have both lower and upper case? Even though networks aren’t case sensitive, Brave requires it.

Im having the same problem withdrawing my sol. A had an (unkown)error a couple of times. Then i sent 50% of my sol to my phantom wallet. My account balance has been reduced but i never got it to my phantom wallet. I checked my address too.

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